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Staten Island NYC Living is your resource for what’s good, hip, hot, and fun on Staten Island.

Staten Island NYC Living is a digital source of information for those looking for something to do on the weekend or for what’s going on in Staten Island. Staten Island Living discovers and reports on cultural events, fairs, community events, and just great things going on Staten Island. Staten Island NYC Living successfully leverages digital applications and the online community through social media to achieve their goals. 

Staten Island NYC Living–  your online resource of what’s good, hip, hot, and, fun on Staten Island.
Our mission is to improve the image of Staten Island to help change it from the Forgotten Borough to the Can’t Forget Borough. We do this by communicating community resources, news, and events from all over Staten Island and surrounding areas. A  slice of “The Big Apple” New York City. Join us for an inside look at living on Staten Island New York City. Site is curated by illumiNET Digital Marketing
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Staten Island Living is your resource of what’s good hip, hot and fun on Staten Island.
First to find cultural events, fairs, community events and just great things going on Staten Island.
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