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Staten Island NYC Living | 2017 .NYC Best of Boroughs

Staten Island NYC Living increases awareness of the positive lifestyle, community and social contributions of Staten Island New York City

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Vote for Staten Island Living .NYC – promotes positive lifestyle, community & social contributions of Staten Island, New York City


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Staten Island NYC Living website/blog, began in April 2013. A local online lifestyle news source, Staten Island Living .NYC offers the latest news of what is happening on Staten Island as well broadcast postings of art, cultural, family and community opportunities offered there and the surround areas. Staten Island Living .NYC covers the latest cultural events on Staten Island and surrounding areas; as well as community news and great happenings taking place for the public, Staten Island NYC Living has become part of the community fabric of Staten Island. Our mission includes promoting a positive perception of local accessible entertainment and cultural opportunities available to members and visitors of the Staten Island community. Staten Island NYC Living has been instrumental in aiding the rescue and relief efforts during the Superstorm Sandy disaster, amplifying the reach of Staten Island Amber Alerts, and drove the online voter campaign for the Curbed NYC Neighborhood of the Year distinction. Brick Underground named Staten Island Living .NYC a best neighborhood blog for 2015, 2016, and 2017. Staten Island NYC Living continually monitors online applications for news and information on Staten Island. Staten Island NYC Living does not receive payment for endorsement of any activity or information posted to the website. We raise awareness of Staten Island New York City So you Can’t Forget!

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What is Best of the Boroughs?

Best of the Boroughs in a citywide contest that celebrates the local businesses, organizations and community individuals that make our city, and each borough, a unique place to live. These individuals love the City so much it’s in their web address.

Entrants across NYC will submit applications on what makes their .nyc business, website, store, organization or idea the best of their borough. There will be one winner chosen from each of the five boroughs and named the Best of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island, depending on the borough in which they reside.