Grants of $500 to $3,000 will go to New Yorkers who come together, take on community improvement initiatives, and are transformed into neighborhood leaders!

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 Application submission deadline: January 23, 2017

 Citizens Committee for New York City (“Citizens Committee”) will award more than 400 neighborhood improvement grants to volunteer-led community and school groups across New York City who apply by January 23, 2017, as part of the nonprofit’s signature Neighborhood Grants program.

The grants, which range in size from $500-$3,000, can be used for any neighborhood improvement project devised by and led by local residents. Citizens Committee believes that residents and volunteers working together to improve the quality of life in their community strengthen neighborhoods. Examples of projects include turning a vacant lot into an urban farm, facilitating healthy cooking workshops, organizing neighborhood block watch initiatives, and simply beautifying public spaces, to name a few.

The vast majority of 2017 grants will go to groups working in the city’s most underserved and low-income neighborhoods.

As part of Citizens Committee’s comprehensive program, neighborhood groups receiving a Neighborhood Grant 2015 award will also receive project planning assistance, participate in skills-building workshops, and have access to an equipment resource library to help make their projects a success.


New Yorkers from Stapleton in Staten Island to West Farms in The Bronx, from Far Rockaway in Queens to Washington Heights in Manhattan and everywhere in between should come together with their neighbors and apply for a grant to improve their neighborhoods, said CEO Peter H. Kostmayer. “Whether the neighborhood needs more greenery, access to fresh foods, after-school projects for kids, or any other improvement to quality of life, I encourage all community-based and neighborhood groups, including block and civic associations, schools, BIDs, gardening groups, merchant associations, and houses of worship to apply for a grant. Groups do not need to be a registered 501(c)(3) to get an award from Citizens Committee.”

Groups may download our application from our website or complete the application online at

For more information about the grants, interested parties should contact Arif Ullah, Director of Programs, at or (212) 822-9566.

About Citizens Committee for New York City

Citizens Committee for New York City’s mission is simple: to help New Yorkers -especially those in low-income areas- come together and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Residents are uniquely situated to define and act on the issues affecting their communities. When provided with modest support, neighborhood and school groups can effectively mobilize community resources to improve quality of life. Citizens Committee for New York City supports these grassroots efforts by offering grants, skills-building workshops and further technical support in the form of project planning assistance and an equipment share library. In 2015, we provided 366 projects with $1.6 million in grants and services, and our staff facilitated 30 workshops to over 500 social entrepreneurs. Since 1975, we have promoted the spirit of volunteerism, local engagement and social justice that drives our work.