Beat the Heat with Cool It! NYC: Your Guide to Staying Cool This Summer

Beat the Heat with Cool It! NYC: Your Guide to Staying Cool This Summer

As the summer heats up, it’s essential to find ways to stay cool and safe. Cool It NYC is here to help you beat the heat with a comprehensive guide to the city’s best places to hydrate, refresh, and stay shaded. Our Cool It NYC map highlights various cooling features across the city, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need during heat emergencies. Cool It! NYC.

 Beat the Heat with Cool It!
Beat the Heat with Cool It! NYC!

How to Stay Cool with Cool It! NYC

Cool It NYC is a citywide initiative designed to increase cooling options during heat emergencies, particularly in neighborhoods most vulnerable to extreme heat. The NYC Health and Columbia University developed the New York City Heat Vulnerability Index (HVI) to identify and target areas most at risk.

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Visit NYC Health’s Extreme Heat page to learn more about staying safe and beating the heat.

NYC Parks Cooling Features

Water Features

  • Beaches, Pools, and Spray Showers: Cool off at the city’s beaches, pools, and spray showers. Sprinklers are activated at playgrounds when temperatures reach 80 degrees or higher.
  • Beaches and Outdoor Pools: Find swimming hours and locations.

Drinking Fountains

  • Stay Hydrated: Thousands of drinking fountains are turned on each year, with over 950 in high-need areas. Accessible fountains, bottle refill stations, and pet-friendly fountains are available. Use our map to find the perfect spot to hydrate.

Tree Cover

  • Find Shade: We’ve highlighted parks with thick tree coverage and the city’s leafiest blocks. Use our map to find the shadiest routes for a cooler commute.

Detailed Features of Cool It NYC

Water Features

  • Spray Showers: Enjoy kid-friendly water features during hot weather.
  • Drinking Fountains: Get a sip of water or refill your bottle.
  • Outdoor Pools: Swim and refresh at various locations.

Shade Trees

  • Leafiest Blocks: Enjoy the most shade on tree-friendly streets.
  • Tree Canopy: Relax in areas with significant tree cover in NYC Parks.

High Heat Vulnerability Index Areas

  • HVI 4 & 5: Community Boards with high and the highest risk of heat injury or death.

Heat Emergencies and Cooling Centers

During extremely hot days, the National Weather Service may issue a heat emergency advisory. The city offers additional resources during these times. Visit the NYC Department of Emergency Management’s Beat the Heat website for more information.

Cooling Centers

  • Stay Cool: The city opens cooling centers throughout the five boroughs during heat emergencies. Use the Cooling Center Finder or contact 311 to find a nearby center. Cool It NYC

Cool Hydrants

  • Legal Spray Caps: The NYC Department of Environmental Protection regulates fire hydrant spray caps to ensure safe use during heat emergencies. Hydrants can be opened legally with a City-approved spray cap.

Stay cool this summer with Cool It NYC. Utilize our resources and enjoy a safe, refreshing, and fun summer in the city.