Become an NYC Parks Lifeguard

group of lifeguards posing on a beach

One of the best jobs in New York City, lifeguarding allows participants to remain in top physical condition while also helping to keep millions of New Yorkers safe at NYC’s eight beaches and 53 outdoor pools. As one of just 1,400 NYC Parks Lifeguards, you will be part of an elite group that is committed to serving the public.

Parks’ beaches open on Memorial Day weekend, and pools open in late June; both close the Sunday after Labor Day. Lifeguards work 48 hours each week and first-year lifeguards earn a minimum of $15 an hour, for a weekly salary of about $800.00.

How to Join

Before joining our lifeguard training program, applicants must pass the Qualifying Test.

Qualifying Tests

Tests are available in December and JanuaryApplicants must pass this set of vision and swim exams, offered every year during the winter at indoor pools across the city. Qualifying tests for the summer 2019 season start on December 3, 2018.

Learn more about the Qualifying Test and find a test location

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Lifeguard Training Program

Once you’ve passed the qualifying test, you’re able to join the Lifeguard Training Program. This state-certified, 40-hour course teaches CPR, first aid, and techniques for saving a swimmer in distress. Participants are eligible to become NYC lifeguards.

Learn more about the Lifeguard Training Program

Find Out More

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