Bootstrapping and Building a Company by Aileen Gemma Smith at WomenLeadNYC 3/24

“Dedicating my life to solving problems for others is what I love doing. Being an entrepreneur is the core of how I think and function in the world. It’s part relentlessness to build and create solutions, and the rest is a stubborn belief in an ability to execute, and a willingness to adapt and learn. Your life and your work are integrated the same way that muscle moves bone. They’re not independent.”–Aileen Gemma Smith, founder and CEO, Vizalytics Technology Inc.

Join Aileen as she take you through “Bootstrapping and Building a Company” at WomenLeadNYC 2016 on Thursday March 24th at the Staten Island Arts Culture Lounge in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.
Eventbrite - WomenLeadNYC 2016

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Aileen Gemma Smith is CEO and Founder of Vizalytics Technology, the New York data company bridging the information access gap between government and citizens, businesses, and communities. Smith has worked as a content manager, strategist and consultant for Newsweek, the Financial Times and Razorfish. She created Staten Island Counts, which mined publicly-available data to reveal insights about the NYC borough where she grew up.

Aileen is honored to be a  member of the WE-NYC Inaugural Class of Mentors to Support Underserved Women Entrepreneurs in New York City. To Aileen, “being a WE Connect Mentor is an opportunity to give back to others. Vizalytics Technology is successful today because of the many individuals who have helped and supported me. Now it is my obligation to other entrepreneurs to open doors and help them succeed as well. I am a business owner not just to sell a product, but also to support my community and help the next group of entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses,”

Created in 2012, #WomenLeadNYC 2016 is part conference, part workshop, part networking with a panel discussion and a virtual and in-person workshop that will create teams that will collaborate on action plans to enable/empower/promote women as leaders.  Curated by Amy Vernon, Marilyn Zayfert and Nancy Ayala, this popular event enables women to work together and set their goals and move in strategic direction.

Eventbrite - WomenLeadNYC 2016