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Cabin Fever Reliever – Candle Making Workshops

In a time of isolation, quarantine and social distancing, we all have felt a sense of extended cabin fever. This winter, Historic Richmond Town hosts a series of workshops designed to stave off the winter doldrums. Cabin Fever Reliever – Candle Making Workshops.

Join historic interpreters from the Education department for Candle Making Workshops in January.  Learn about the history of lighting and candle making in the 18th and 19th centuries, and dip your own candles to take home with you!

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Workshops will be held indoors at the 3rd County Courthouse, with limited capacity to ensure safety.

Workshops are available as group slots at scheduled times.

Tickets are sold as a 6 person group slot for $50. Each group will make up to 12 taper candles to take home.

More workshops added February 6th!

Source: Cabin Fever Reliever – Candle Making Workshops — Historic Richmond Town