Call for Presenters: Greening the Globe Begins at Home Staten Island NYC

Greening the Globe Begins at Home is a series of programming developed to explore environmental advocacy through environmental education, green career paths and initiatives for creating sustainable communities. The one-day symposium at The College of Staten Island scheduled for Friday, May 13 – 9am-3pm has been designed to inspire environmental advocacy and empower communities to build an environmentally sustainable future on a local level.

We are seeking speakers, workshop facilitators and organizations interested in tabling information to engage with local residents, emerging leaders and the next generation of environmentalists. The symposium will focus on the following themes: Environmental Education, Green Career Paths and Sustainable Living Initiatives. The symposium and related field sessions in the Greenbelt’s forests and natural areas will emphasize our shared humanity and global responsibility for the health of our planet.Greening the Globe 2016 – Call for Presenters Greening_the_globe_begins_at_home

The Greenbelt Conservancy appreciates your interest in conducting a presentation or workshop at the Greening the Globe Begins at Home Symposium. Please return the completed presentation proposal form and any additional information by Friday, March 18, 2016. If you have any questions, or require clarification regarding your presentation proposal, please contact Flynn Ferguson, Event Coordinator via email:; phone: (718) 667-2165 ext. 305; or mobile: (347) 972 3523. Thank you for sharing your time, skills and enthusiasm with us.