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HRA’s Offices remain open and ready to serve those in need. However, we understand the current situation and for individuals unable or unwilling to come to our offices for scheduled appointments, NO NEGATIVE CASE ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN.

This includes, but is not limited to, appointments for services such as with the Office of Child Support Services as well as appointments or assigned activities with Career Service providers.For clients who are seeking benefits or services but do not wish to report to their assigned center,

HRA Centers will assist clients no matter which center they report to. During these difficult times, ACCESS HRA remains a vital tool for clients and is a great way to skip the trip!

For those seeking SNAP benefits or those already in receipt but with a recertification coming due, ACCESS HRA can be used to submit the application/recertification form and to upload pictures of documents needed for eligibility determinations. After submitting, clients can call anytime Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 5pm for a telephone interview.For those in receipt of cash assistance benefits,

ACCESS HRA can be used to submit for special grants and emergency assistance without having to come to your Job Center!

ACCESS HRA can also be used by those with a scheduled recertification appointment to submit your recertification form. For all clients, ACCESS HRA can also be used to update your contact information. It is important during these times that HRA has a way to contact you and this is the fastest and easiest way to keep us updated.