Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums,  #MuseumWeek is HERE!!!

Useful information about this year’s program!

Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums #MuseumWeek is HERE!!! Hosted over 19 – 25 June, #MuseumWeek is an international online event celebrating and showcasing all things from cultural institutions over 7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags! It will provide an opportunity for them to share and discuss their special passions with the public on social networks, using hashtags dedicated to the event.

Last year, audiences have been able to engage with a massive, wide and versatile cultural production: in one week, 664.000 tweets were seen more than 294 million times!

A tribute to women

You should know that #MuseumWeek is committed to the cause of gender equality, so we decided to dedicate 2017 to all women in the World. Thus, on top of the regular daily hashtags mentioned here below, we would really love to see some of your publications around the “Women and Culture” theme with #WomenMW, whenever you can during the week. Contents related to this theme will have more chances to be republished on our official channels!

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7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags

About the daily hashtags now: we wanted to use “lifestyle” as a catalyst for our theme but choosing them wasn’t an easy thing; thankfully, some of you voted and we have some results! While the descriptions are there to be helpful we want you to make the tags work for you. You’ll find on this page a full description of the program and tips about how to participate everyday, but remember: have fun and feel free to interpret each of them according to your own vision! Please, note that documents will also available in Español, Français, Português, 日本語, עברית, русский, Deutsch, العربية, Italiano.


Who doesn’t love visiting Museum cafés? After a visit there’s nothing better than sitting back and taking it all in with a coffee, but what food related art or exhibits actually in the museum is there anything you particularly love? Or is that café chocolate cake just a work of art in itself! Share today with #FoodMW!

WomenMW: Have food-related work by women artists in your collection? A still life of food? A contemporary woman artist who uses food in her artistic practice? An object owned by a prominent woman chef? Share it with #FoodMW and #WomenMW


Sometimes it feels like we have to be an Olympic hurdler just to get over the daily obstacles put in our way, but what about the sports related items in our collections? Do you have something iconic, important locally or just plain odd that relates to sports? Share today with #SportsMW

WomenMW: Share the achievements of women athletes or sports-themed artwork by women. Does a work by a woman in your collection depict a game or activity? Do you have objects related to famous women athletes? Post your content with #SportsMW and #WomenMW.


Did you know 21st June is officially #MusicDay2017! What music or song reminds you of an item in your collection? Do you have items relating to a famous musician or instruments on show or in storage that could be revealed? Share with #MusicMW today!

WomenMW: Which works by women in your collection explore musical themes? Does a work involve sound? Was it inspired by a woman musician? Share with #MusicMW and #WomenMW.


Who doesn’t love a story? Share stories about your institution, collections, pieces of Art or any objects! Or do you have something related to fairy tales or a famous story that’s been told….or still to tell? Remember that visitors also have stories to share too, involve them as much as possible! Share with #StoriesMW

WomenMW: Share the stories of women! Do you have any objects related to influential women from history? Which women artists represented in your collection are lesser known? Share the stories of their lives or careers, or the meanings behind their work. Post your content with #StoriesMW and #WomenMW.


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” – What books do you have in your collection? Why are they important or interesting? What books have inspired items in your collection? Is there something once owned by an author? Do you have books in your Museum shop? What’s the best seller? #BooksMW! Pssst, don’t forget the Bookselfies and bookshelfies!

WomenMW: Which works by women in your collection were inspired by books, authors, or writings?  How does your collection feature women writers? Do you have any artists’ books by women? Share with #BooksMW and #WomenMW.


Many museums and collections were formed as a result of travels, what items in your collection have arrived at the museum from someone travelling? What about how travelling has changed? From early sea vessels to the first bicycles, share these collections today with #TravelsMW
WomenMW: Which works by or related to women were inspired by travel? How do these works capture a sense of place and time? What is their significance? Share your content with #TravelsMW and #WomenMW.


Celebrating and preserving heritage is our work of every day. What do you do for helping your audience to increase access to and to sustain heritage collections? Do you also have valuable collections in storage or online? In all its forms, heritage crystallizes our past and stimulates creativity; they are linked to culture and environment of our families, communities and nations. That is why we should protect them and pass them to the future generations. Celebrate them today with #HeritageMW.

WomenMW: Do you have heritage collections which are related to women, as creator, preserver and promotor? What are women in the world doing to protect their heritage and sustain them? What are their fear and hope? Why women are important to keep heritage alive? Share with #HeritageMW and #WomenMW.