Building on last year’s inaugural event, the Greenbelt Conservancy will again host a program series and networking summit focused on sustainability and environmental topics. The cornerstone of the event series, the Greening the Globe Begins at Home symposium, runs from 9 am to 3 pm on Friday, May 13 in the Performing Arts building at the College of Staten Island.Greening_the_globe_begins_at_home

Partially funded by a grant from the City Council’s Greener NYC Initiative, this series of free events highlights environmental education, “green collar” career paths, and initiatives towards creating sustainable communities. Featuring a diverse group of dynamic leaders from a variety of environmental fields, presentations will engage and inform local residents, emerging leaders, and the next generation of environmentalists in the efforts around building an environmentally sustainable future on the local level.

Akiima Price, founder of Akiima Price Consulting, will deliver the keynote address. A dedicated and inspirational leader, Price has worked over the last 20 years with numerous environmental organizations throughout the U.S, and today “[uses] nature as a medium to create social change in urban communities of color.” (

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Organizations also leading workshops throughout the day include: Adrian Wilton and Stephen Kingsley – Living Restoration; Samara Swanston – NYC Council on Renewable Energy Initiatives; Dr. Lynn Meyer – NYS Coordinator, Citizens’ Climate Lobby; Eloise Hirsh – Administrator, Freshkills Park/President Freshkills Park Alliance; JR Rich – Sustainability Coordinator, SI Jewish Community Center; John Kilcullen – Administrator, Conference House Park; Ilan Kutok – NYC Parks Green Infrastructure; Le’alni Boykin – City Parks Foundation/Partnership for Parks; Carol Hooper and Bruce Spierer – NYC Compost Project; Beryl Thurman – North Shore Waterfront Conservancy; Nan Smith and Caroline Hiteshew – Grow NYC; Sergeant G. Khalil – NYC Urban Park Rangers; staff members from the Greenbelt Native Plant Center; and the Greenbelt Education Department.

All events are free; however, registration is required:

Additional information and a trailer for the “Love Thy Nature” film being screened as part of the series are available at

The Greenbelt Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization working in partnership with NYC Parks to care for the Greenbelt’s 2,800 acres of open space, parks, trail system, and public facilities in central Staten Island. To learn more about the organization or its mission, or to find other upcoming Greenbelt events, visit or call (718) 351-3450.