Hearth & Harvest Festival 2023 Historic Richmondtown Staten IslandHearth & Harvest Festival 2023 Historic Richmondtown Staten Island

Hearth & Harvest Festival

  • Saturday, November 18, 2023
  • 10:00 AM  4:00 PM

$15 – (AGES 6+)
FREE – KIDS (0-5)


Celebrate Native American culture and traditional 19th century harvest celebrations through food, dance, storytelling, and crafts.

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Harvest celebrations have been a part of Native culture for thousands of years. After a long growing season, crops would be gathered in abundance, and shared with family and the wider community, signaling the beginning of winter.

Come and experience the season of giving in a way never before seen at Historic Richmond Town. What was once our long-standing “Thanksgiving Kitchen Tours” has been transformed into the Hearth & Harvest Festival, where visitors can explore  Native life and culture through presentations of indigenous dance, storytelling, and crafts; as well as demonstrations of hearth cooking in North America by costumed interpreters who will use 18th & 19th century recipes, tools and techniques in historic kitchens throughout the village.


  • Performances featuring storytelling and dance will be featured throughout the day, including a special performance by Patrick Littlewolf Brooks of the Tuscarora Nation. Brooks, an Army veteran and seasoned performer, offers a heartfelt and meaningful presentation that is not soon forgotten.
  • Drum performance by Red Blanket Singers
  • Interpretive talks at the Native Encampment by David Bunn Martine, of the Shinnecock Nation on Long Island. 
  • Historic house kitchen demonstrations at the Christopher House, (1720), the Guyon-Lake-Tysen House Kitchen (1820), the Basket Maker’s House (1810), and the Stephens-Black House (1837).
  • Special demonstrations of early American recipes of the fall season will be offered, along with discussions of the complicated history of Thanksgiving in American life.