Hiking in NYC Parks

There’s no need to head Upstate to experience the awe of New York’s natural wonders. Plan your next hiking trip right here in New York City!

Our 300 miles of trails will take you through some of the oldest forests in the city, and past 10,000 acres of wild and untouched natural areas, glacial potholes, and bedrock you can see and touch! As you explore these beautiful parks, you’ll come across all kinds of wildlife, from the majestic ospreys nesting high up on utility poles to turtles sunbathing on rocks in the ponds. Along the way, you can also visit historic places that give a glimpse of Old New York and tell the story of our city. Hiking in NYC Parks.

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Where to go on your next hike

Start your journey through NYC’s natural wonderland: pick a park and map out your hiking adventure. Be sure to pack plenty of water, and wear sunscreen and layered clothing.

Tip: Use these trail markers to guide you on your next hike.

Trail Marker

Here are some highlights of hiking trails in our parks. Visit our Hiking Trails page to find more nature trails in parks across New York City.

Staten Island

Arden Woods

To see: the largest wetlands in the New York metropolitan area, a ground covering of the fragrant Eastern Hay Scented Fern, migratory birds, and many owls, including the screech owl, great horned owl, and barn owl

View Arden Woods’ hiking trails on a map

Blue Heron Park

To see: freshwater wetlands, meadows of wildflowers, kettle ponds, and the diverse wildlife that calls this protected natural area home

View Blue Heron Park’s hiking trails on a map

Conference House Park

To see: New York City’s “south pole”, beachside views, the house where the failed Revolutionary War peace conference took place in 1776

View Conference House Park’s hiking trails on a map

Fairview Park

To see: a wildflower-rich vernal pond, restored forests with pin oak, sassafras, and American Sycamore trees, views of the Outerbridge Crossing

View Fairview Park’s hiking trails on a map

Goodhue Park

To see: a native ha rdwood forest, kettle ponds, a trail loop ideal for dog walkers

View Goodhue Park’s hiking trails on a map

The Greenbelt

To see: NYC’s largest remaining forest preserve, two of the highest points on the east coast, Reed’s Basket Willow Swamp, a historic stone chimney, Willowbrook Pond

View The Greenbelt’s hiking trails on a map

Jones Woods Park

To see: the Serpentine Barrens, a unique ecosystem found in only a few places in the world, and in New York, found only on Staten Island

View Jones Wood’s hiking trails on a map

Ocean Breeze Park

To see: South Beach Wetlands, a shrub forest, scenic view of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, a chance to see wild turkey, Canada geese, and deer

View Ocean Breeze Park’s hiking trails on a map

Visit our Hiking Trails page to find more places where you can go hiking in New York City’s urban jungle.

Hiking Events

Join our Urban Park Rangers on their free hiking trips to learn more about natural and historic wonders you’ll see in our parks. Hiking in NYC Parks   Find an upcoming hiking event