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How Can You Find Upcoming Exams?

Find out about all of NYC upcoming civil service exams. You can subscribe to our mailing list and select “City Jobs and Civil Service Announcements” to receive announcements for upcoming exams. The exams schedule is available in Alpha Order and Application Period Order. Our exam schedule is posted every July, lists all our upcoming exams, and is updated every month. Due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, and the uncertainty of restarting in-person exam-related services, DCAS has postponed the release of the Annual Examination Schedule until September 2020. Civil service exams may be available only for a limited time and it may be a few years before a certain exam is offered again.

Note you will need to apply for and pay a fee, or obtain a fee waiver, and meet the minimum requirements to qualify to take the exams listed. You can also see the most recent updates in the monthly exam applications schedule, or view the tables on this page. Note that some exams may be canceled or postponed, so check the schedule regularly if you plan to apply for or take an exam.

I Want to Know About Upcoming Exams

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Exam Alerts

  • DCAS Computer-based Testing and Application Centers (CTACs) have re-opened to the public. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, walk-ins are no longer accepted and appointments must be scheduled online through OASys for eligible list or examination related inquiries.
  • Beginning October 12, 2021, the Bronx CTAC location will resume administering exams.
  • As of March 1, 2021, all examination and eligible list related notifications will be sent by email only, you will no longer receive notifications via the US mail.
  • As of August 2, 2021, all new hires must be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation for religion or disability. If you are offered city employment, this requirement must be met by your date of hire, unless a reasonable accommodation for exemption is received and approved by the hiring agency.
All eligible lists which were originally scheduled to terminate between March 16, 2020 and December 31, 2020 will be extended by one year. In addition, all eligible lists for exams for Police Officer, Police Communications Technician, Traffic Enforcement Agent and School Safety Agent which are scheduled to terminate between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 will be extended by one year. Inquiries regarding the status of an eligible list can be e-mailed to the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services at:

Open Competitive Exams for Anyone

Below is the list of competitive civil service exams available to anyone who meets the minimum qualification requirements.

Title of Exam Exam No. Application Period
Assistant Public Health Adviser (Communicable Disease Control) 2062 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
Child Protective Specialist 2118 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
City Tax Auditor 2087 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
Housing Development Specialist Trainee 2045 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
Police Communications Technician 2047 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
Police Officer 2110 2/3/2022 – 3/14/2022
School Safety Agent 2044 2/3/2022 – 3/2/2022
Traffic Enforcement Agent 2048 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022

Promotion Exams for Permanent and 55-a City Employees

If you already work for the City and are a permanent or 55-a Program employee, you may qualify to take a promotion exam.

Title of Exam Exam No. Application Period
Assistant Housing Manager (Prom) 2512 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
Assistant Resident Buildings Superintendent (Prom) 2517 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
Sergeant (Police) (Prom) 2538 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022
Supervisor of Mechanics (Mechanical Equipment) (Prom) 2545 3/2/2022 – 3/22/2022

Exams for Provisional City Employees

A provisional employee is someone who works in a competitive-class position but is not a permanent employee of the city. If you currently work for the City and serve provisionally, you may qualify to take a qualified-incumbent exam (QIE).


See the Upcoming Exams

Title of Exam Exam No. Application Period
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Past Exam Archive

To find information on past exams, including qualifications and eligibility requirements, you can use these additional links: