Whether you’re a Walk Leader or City Organizer (or even if you’re not sure!), these frequently asked questions will help you get walking and talking about what matters in your city.

Jane’s Walk Principles

We have nine guiding principles for Jane’s Walks around the world. Take a look at what makes Jane’s Walk such a special and important movement.

Walk Documentation – Footprints Guides

On this page, you’ll find guides to help observe, document, and share your city’s amazing walks in a whole range of different ways. Like footprints preserved in concrete, these will act as a permanent record of your walk!

Guide to the Written Works of Jane Jacobs

If you’ve been thinking about reading some of Jacobs’ work, but aren’t sure where to dive in, this guide will help you get started.


Walking matters more and more to towns and cities as the connection between walking and socially vibrant neighbourhoods is becoming clearer. Read our studies exploring suburban highrises and better understand how residents in tower communities get around their neighbourhoods, especially by walking.

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