Through Theater, IlluminArt Productions is fighting Substance Abuse on Staten Island

Fighting substance abuse on Staten Island has become the most important initiative the community can take on. Many organizations have programs geared toward different populations. IlluminArt Productions, a local Staten Island not for profit works with all schools to share a message of prevention and cooperation.  Through educational theater in our schools, IlluminArt Productions convey a critical message and show Staten Island youth how to fight Substance Abuse Through Art on Staten Island.
Prescription for Addiction which is appropriate for middle and high school students (grades 6-12) premiered last spring and  had their 1st performance of the school year by their touring company at St. Patrick School. IlluminArt Productions has some funding to offer schools one free performance.  Often they want more than one so we will negotiate a subsidized fee.
In general, there are few prevention programs besides the Borough President’s Too Good for Drugs which is only for 5th graders. A lot of state money has been appropriated to law enforcement, treatment, and recovery but not prevention.  The focus is on stopping people from dying, but there is no new funding for prevention in schools where we can effectively slow the problem.  IlluminArt will be working with United Activities Unlimited, starting in January 2017, to write plays about substance abuse in 5 of their after-school programs.  Those groups will perform for their peers.
Illuminart also does plays on bullying, xenophobia, and the consequences of underage drinking. Check out the good work at their website:

Enabling individuals of all ages to use the power of theater to portray and develop solutions for the complex challenges they confront.

IlluminArt Productions enables individuals of all ages to use theater to portray and develop solutions for the complex challenges that confront them.  They share creations with audiences of their peers and with younger groups to facilitate ongoing opportunities for dialogue and learning.