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Welcome to New York City’s Official PlowNYC Website. The purpose of this Website is to allow the public to: (1) track the progress of DSNY spreader/plow vehicles; and (2) confirm the snow designation of City streets (i.e., Critical, Sector, Haulster, or non-DSNY) (collectively, “Data”).Critical Routes: These routes are comprised of highways (main beds, entrances, exits interchanges), arterial roadways, main travel thoroughfares (single lane and multi-lane), bus routes, that contain emergency services & first responder facilities (Hospitals, EMS, FDNY, NYPD) and schools.Sector Routes: Designed to encompass all streets that are not classified as Critical Streets and are wide enough to accommodate a full size DSNY collection truck with a plow attached.Haulster Routes: Designed to service dead ends and streets that cannot be serviced with a collection truck or salt spreader with a plow attached due to narrow street width or tight turning radius (either entering or exiting the street).This Data is provided for informational purposes only. To submit a formal service request to NYC, use 311. FOR EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE, CALL 911. For more information about how the City is responding to the storm, visit

Source: PlowNYC