NYC Post Rain Sep 29- Stay Safe & Help Support Staten Island: information from NonProfit Staten Island

Stay Safe & Help Support Staten Island

NYC Post Rain Sep 29- Stay Safe & Help Support Staten Island: information from NonProfit Staten Island. Yesterday’s severe weather resulted in damage around the City. Over the past 24 hours, the heavy rains and flooding impacted all 5 boroughs of NYC. If you have any damage to your private property, need for service(s) from the city, or observe local damage to public property, we encourage you to report it. Resident reports not only help the city respond more quickly and directly to the storm’s aftermath, but can also help NYC and NYS seek, secure, and distribute additional funds such as those to assist with repairs to households and businesses.

Report Damages, Request Services

  • New Yorkers are encouraged to report damage to their property and file service requests by calling 311 (212-639-9675 for Video Relay Service, or TTY: 212-504-4115) or by accessing the 311 Severe Weather page.
  • New Yorkers can now report damage to their home or business as part of the city’s Report Damage Portal. This is the first step in letting the city know where the damage is.
Click to Report Damages

Continue to Exercise Caution

  • New Yorkers should expect continued delays and suspensions in MTA train service. Consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time. If you must travel, New Yorkers are advised to exercise caution.
  • If your car has been relocated, call 311.
  • New Yorkers are encouraged to sign up for Notify NYC, the city’s free emergency notification system. Through Notify NYC, New Yorkers can receive phone calls, text messages, and/or emails alerts about traffic and transit disruptions and other emergencies. To sign up for Notify NYC, call 311, visit the Notify NYC website, or follow @NotifyNYC on Twitter.

FYIs for Compliant Property Repair & Recovery

  • Owners who want to reoccupy residences damaged by flooding should first hire a New York State-licensed Registered Architect or Professional Engineer to assess the building’s safety. If the building is not safe to occupy, the owners should seek alternative housing arrangements while repairs are made.
  • To make repairs, owners need to work with an engineer or architect who has the necessary City-authorized permits. The City advises residents to obtain two or three quotes from different contractors before beginning the work, which can vary widely in price depending on various field conditions.
  • If an owner needs assistance with applications for permits, he or she should contact 311 (212-639- 9675 for Video Relay Service, or TTY: 212-504-4115).

Experienced Flood or Damages at Home?

  • Before re-entering a building, check for structural damage. Make sure it is not in danger of collapsing. Turn off any outside gas lines at the meter or tank, and let the building air out for several minutes to remove foul odors or escaping gas.
  • Owners should take pictures of all damage and flood impacts and keep receipts for all repairs if they intend to apply for disaster assistance or to make an insurance claim.
  • Watch for electrical shorts or live wires before turning off the main power switch. Do not turn on any lights or appliances until an electrician has checked the system for short circuits.
  • Throw out fresh food and previously opened medicines that have come in contact with floodwaters.
  • Dry all areas and items quickly and thoroughly.
  • Dry clean or wash and dry all clothing and other home items. Clean floors, furniture, and other surfaces with detergent and water.