Pride Center of Staten Island is highlighting Grrrl Power

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Over the next month, the Pride Center of Staten Island

is highlighting Grrrl Power, a group focusing on support for LGBTQ and allied young women

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and gender non-conforming youth ages 13-24. The Pride Center’s Program Director, Lisa

Sloan, PhD, works with participants of the group to build personal and community

empowerment. The Grrrl Power Group meets every Thursday from 6:00-7:30 PM and includes

dinner. The group provides a space for participants to build community and talk about important

issues in their lives. All services related to Grrrl Power are available throughout the year at the

Pride Center, located at 25 Victory Blvd, (3rd. Floor), Staten Island NY, 10301. Grrrl Power is

funded by the New York Women’s Foundation.

“The Pride Center wants to focus on Grrrl Power for the month of March with the

help of Lisa Sloan. She has proved to be a beneficial member of our team with an eagerness for

helping young queer women become comfortable in their own skin. Throughout March, Lisa

Sloan will lead our efforts in encouraging LGBTQ and allied young women, along with gender-
non-conforming youth, to come share their stories and bond over their struggles and victories,”

says Ralph Vogel, Executive Director of the Pride Center of Staten Island.

The Pride Center also provides the Grrrl Power Saturday Skills Series. This is a biannual 10-

session series that covers LGBTQ identities, intersectionality, leadership skills, job and/or higher

education readiness, financial literacy, self-defense, sexual health, reproductive justice, body

image, and environmental justice. Meals are provided for each participant at every meeting. A

stipend of $100 is awarded to each individual who completes at least 8 of the 10 sessions. The

next Grrrl Power Saturday Skills Series will take place in Fall of 2017. Call Lisa Sloan at 718-

808-1378 for more details.