REGISTER FOR 4/17 Half Century | Bike the Boros: Staten Island 2016

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If you enjoyed Transportation Alternatives’ popular Tour de Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island series, you’ll love our revamped Bike the Boros series. It’s built on the same premise — celebrate NYC streets by biking on them with gusto —  and with even more fun and forethought! Bike the Boros is designed to introduce you to the life-saving work we’re doing on NYC streets as you pedal them with a few thousand of your new best friends.

Why We Ride

Bike the Boros: Staten Island is a chance to experience New York City’s southernmost — and most bucolic — borough as never before. Saddle up for this adventure through the hills, shores and byways of Staten Island. Whether you choose the half-century (50-mile) route or the 35 miler, you’ll get the satisfaction of taking life by the handlebars. And, with every revolution of your pedals, you’ll help usher in the era of Vision Zero: zero deaths or serious injuries in traffic in every corner of New York City. That means safer streets for you and yours!

Money Raised

Bike the Boros is a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives. Every registration, jersey and donation made through Bike the Boros helps to bring us closer to our goal of raising $100,000 for safe streets in New York City.

Source: Half Century | Bike the Boros: Staten Island 2016