Rising Storm 2016 Workshop and Exercise

Nonprofit community – Case Managers, Program Managers, Program Director, Support Staff, Facilities, Executive Directors, and any not for profit employees.

 To foster a partnership amongst the nonprofit community; increase continuity readiness; identify gaps and areas for improvement in continuity plans

On Wednesday, April 27 – Registration begins at 8:00 am:  The workshop begins at 8:30 am-12:00 pm: Includes: Training workshop; tabletop exercise; lessons learned; and after-action reports

Goals and Objectives

a) Foster partnerships in the nonprofit community

b) Identify and prioritize essential functions

c) Identify gaps or weaknesses in the organization’s continuity plan, policies, and procedures

d) Discuss continuity communications with stakeholders, partner agencies, and/or customers

e) Encourage organizations to jointly plan for, and test, their continuity plans

f) Reconstitution Operations: An organization’s ability to respond in a continuity situation depends on the personal readiness of its staff members. Individual and family preparedness is important for continuity planning. You will learn how to help your staff develop a family support plan that ensures family members will be safe and secure during an emergency.  

If you or any of your staff is interested in attending this FREE training, please RSVP to: Ldelprete@sinfpa.org or call: 718-355-6229. Please include your first and last name, agency name, email and office phone number. Any and all not for profit staff is welcome but you must RSVP.