“SI Safe Ride” Initiative, a Partnership to Combat Drunk Driving, Provide Free Rides


On Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, November 22, from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am Staten Islanders can use the code “SISAFERIDE” on Uber App to Claim their Free Rides

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“SI Safe Ride” initiative, a partnership to combat driving under the influence in Staten Island by offering all residents 2 free rides while out celebrating on Thanksgiving Eve. Mothers Against Drunk Driving remarked that Thanksgiving Eve, also known as “Blackout Wednesday,” sees a spike in instances of drunk driving and this initiative aims to ensure that all Staten Islanders have a reliable ride around their communities.


Between the hours of 6 pm on November 22 and 6 am on November 23, Staten Island residents can open up their Uber apps and enter the promo code “SISAFERIDE” to unlock 2 free rides, up to $15 each. The rides must start and end in Staten Island. 


The Forest Avenue BID, the South Shore BID, and the Richmond County Bar Association have generously signed on as main sponsors of this initiative.  In addition, the Staten Island Rotary Club and Li Greci’s Staaten have also agreed to become sponsors. 


“We don’t want a single person getting behind the wheel of a car drunk,” said Borough President Oddo. “The night before Thanksgiving is traditionally a big party night where many make bad decisions. Through this partnership we want Staten Islanders to know that if they are planning on drinking that night, they have easy access to a ride both to their destination and back home. I know folks don’t always plan on driving drunk, instead they sometimes get a bit carried away while out with friends and then they don’t want to leave their car parked overnight in a neighborhood far from home. This initiative ensures that they can keep their cars home and not have to make that decision. I strongly urge those who go out in Staten Island that night to make the right choice and use the code for the free rides. Thank you to Uber for another important, potentially life-saving partnership with the Staten Island community.”


“The holiday season is a special time for joy and togetherness, but it’s also one of the most dangerous times of the year because of the increased frequency of drunk driving,” said Tara Spohrer, MADD New York Walk Manager. “I applaud Borough President Oddo and District Attorney McMahon for their leadership in raising awareness around the risks of impaired driving this Thanksgiving Eve. Uber has been a proven tool to reduce drunk driving incidents and make our roads, children, and families safer and we encourage all Staten Island residents to take advantage of this partnership.”


Each trip has a maximum value of $15. If a ride costs more than $15, riders will receive that much as a credit and will be responsible for the remaining money due.    


Uber has been proven to help reduce drunk driving across America. For example, DUI arrests in Seattle decreased by more than 10% after Uber started serving riders and drivers in the city, according to a recent study.  A recent independent study conducted by Temple University found cities, where Uber operates, have 3.6%-5.6% fewer drunk driving deaths than cities without access to ridesharing.

 report by Uber and MADD released in January concludes that when empowered with more transportation options like Uber, people are making responsible choices that result in fewer alcohol-related crashes.