There is a lot to celebrate at Historic Richmond Town with new programming, partnerships, goals and more

The Tavern Returns to Historic Richmond Town!
Historic Richmond Town is starting 2020 with a big win! The nearly 200 year old historic Guyon Tavern building, which was damanged by a car accident in 2017, has been recently restored and is open to the public!
The Return of Tavern ConcertsJanuary 11: 6:00pm & 8:00pm
This indoor winter concert series boasts a wood-burning stove, flickering candles, live music and the true feel of a 19th-century saloon. Beverage options harken back to the period and include hot spiced apple cider, scratch-made mulled wine, as well as a refreshing selection of beers. read more >>
Cabin Fever Reliever: Candle MakingJanuary 11: 1:00-3:00pm
Discover how your recent ancestors lit their homes and businesses before electricity. Make your own set of hand-dipped candle and participate in demonstrations of a variety of early lighting devices. read more >>
Ghost Tales: A Live, Interactive Variety Show w. Chris O’Brien
January 17: 8:30-11:30pm
The evening program harkens back to America’s much loved variety shows- think Ed Sullivan or Sunny and Cher, but with a modern bite and fresh look at art and culture in New York City’s most eclectic borough.  read more >>
A New Place in History

January 26: 1:00-3:00pm
New details have come to light about Historic Richmond Town’s famed Voorlezer house! Join us for a presentation of the findings led by Architectural Designer Kurt Hirschberg!
Collection Spotlight: A Happy New Year
Postcard. Color-printed and embossed illustration of a decorated paper firecracker on a blue background, with a pink and green border of flowers, and gold edges. Printed inscription on the blue background: “A / Happy / New Year.”