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Flotation Devices
Artist: DB Lampman
Organized by: Monica Valenzuela

October 2 – December 13, 2015th » Flotation Devices

An installation of sculptural objects, wearable items, devices, and architectural forms made for the purpose of providing flotation in water. Fun and functional, these items are built to enhance the aesthetic of flotation devices. “This exhibition is about the metaphorical devices we use to keep ourselves afloat. Do the things that I think identify me as a woman, a mother, an artist, or whatever, serve to define me or drown me?”

Lifejackets, or “floaties” need not be purely utilitarian. One can be fashionable on land as well as at sea. All of these devices resemble sea creatures, so in addition to protection from drowning, one also benefits from camouflage. A neighboring boat or wayward shark will think twice before approaching a magnificent sea urchin protected by dangerous spikes. DB Lampman’s sculptural installations will give viewers a chance to think of their relationship to New York Harbor in a new way.