Saturday, January 28th is the . Enrollment orientation and Free Pancake Breakfast begins at 9:00am at the Zimmer clubhouse: 4411 Arthur Kill Rd.

There will be a member from the FDNY to discuss fire prevention and safety. We will then have a breakfast for all. All 13 week courses are free to the boys & girls. Ages should be 10-18, but younger ones are also invited as long as a paren or guardian remains.

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The Andrew E. Zimmer Fish & Game Conservation Association, Inc., was established in 1926. They have dedicated time and resources to introducing and educating adults and youths on Staten Island to the conservation and enjoyment of the outdoors. They try to instill in the children the need for conservation and to protect wildlife.

Learn more and register for the Breakfast and classes at the ZIMMER CLUB YOUTH CONSERVATION PROGRAM here

(Classes are for ages 10 to 17 if a child under 10 wishes to attend they must have a parent or guardian present during the class)