TechDay brings together the entire tech community. Industry
leaders, new startups, investors and tons of press.

By Jarred Sutton

TechDay is considered one of the largest and most value-driven startup events on the planet. TechDay NYC bringing together NYC’s Tech Scene. That is according to their website, However, there is something special when you combine entrepreneurial spirit and cutting edge technology in one location on a massive scale. That something special is TechDay. The TechDay Conference is a fantastic event, that allows entrepreneurs in the technology hardware and digital software space to exhibit their accomplishment and passions. At TechDay you get to meet people working on their cutting edge technology endeavors and network with organizations that are looking for new talent to build the next generation in technology.

Audiences watched shark tank style demos and heard speakers from leading corporations including General Motors, Verizon, and Uber.  Lines waiting to get badges zig-zagged from the venue to the New York city Sidewalk.  The tremendous turnout was represented a diverse audience, eager to learn more about emerging technology opportunities and investment options.

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The TechDay Conference broad agenda filled two stages with state of the art technology demonstrations and panel talks. A myriad of technology and investment companies, makers, accelerators, recruiters, incubators were represented at this exciting and encompassing event. A highlight was a special VIP section to meet leaders in their field in AMA (ask me anything) sessions.

TechDay impressively filled the huge Pier 94 venue. So large, at times you had to smartly navigate all the attendees at the tables buzzing with conversations; exchanging ideas and of course SWAG.

“No Decks. No Speeches. Just Answers.” TechDay gives attendees a real life chance to ask questions to successful entrepreneurs who can answer them. The programs smoothly transitioned with inspirational fireside chats that included Leap The Pond, Mapquest, MSK. A broad range of topics and strategies around Venture Capital cycle, growing without culture and joining the IoT (internet of things) revolution. Additionally, there were demo pitches on many industries from healthcare, IoT (internet of things), EdTech, B2B, FinTech, Social Impact and so much more. A special VIP session allowed for even deeper insights that let you ask Corporate CEO’s and leaders in cutting edge Tech organizations what they do best and what has worked for them. There were extensive talks and exhibits making it difficult to cover the often six sessions at a time running with all sorts of AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) on human resources management, maintaining the culture, how to scale, how to deal with turn over, how to break into new markets, how to capitalize on success, successful customer growth and much more.


TechDay showcased how technology is reaching every aspect of our lives. It is important to consider the Silicon Alley explosive movement here in NYC as fundamental to New York City’s future. Make sure not to miss the next event, which only promises to be bigger and better than last year as technology evolves and brings us forward.