Vanessa Coppes
Join Vanessa Coppes at #WomenLeadNYC 2016

Vanessa Coppes Presents “5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully, Inside and Out!”  WomenLeadNYC  Conference March 24th

Vanessa Coppes believes women are multi-faceted.  They embrace the outer roles of wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend.  And they have inner roles; those that need to be honored in order to be authentic, productive and truly happy.

Eventbrite - WomenLeadNYC 2016

Vanessa Coppes candidly shares her journey towards grace. 5 Steps to Fabulous is not just a guide for looking and feeling your best everyday ; with a lot of humor, spirituality, radical self-love and authenticity, Vanessa shares an abundance of life lessons for women who want to live purpose-filled lives, while rocking red lipstick. You will cry, laugh and most importantly, accept and embrace the awesomeness of the beautiful being you are.

Like many women, Coppes struggled with weight, periods of insecurity and postpartum depression.  It was the wisdom of her mother and the connection with other strong, beautiful women around her that reminded her of how to best honor and nurture herself back to living life.

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She went on to study Design, Psychology and Education in college. Writing, however has always been her outlet to both internalize lessons, to teach and to connect with others. Coppes is a seeker, a student of life and she is committed to sharing with and teaching others what she has learned through her experiences. She meets women where they are and helps them create lives and businesses they love.

Vanessa Coppes is a Social Entrepreneur. She founded her first business, enV Jewelry in 2009. Her passion for empowering others quickly led to her developing lifestyle and business mentorship programs which target creative entrepreneurs and mothers, like herself.

Coppes relied on her 13 year teaching career, a B.A. in Education, a Diplomate in Human Development by the United Nations, her innate knack for Marketing as well as her personal trial and error experiences to Co Create The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms in 2012. ETTM is a networking community that focuses on educating and supporting women towards living full

5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully, Inside and Out! by Vanessa Coppes

lives, while building businesses they love.  Vanessa Coppes is on a mission to connect women to one another, to inspire and empower them to live fabulously, every day. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Joshua and their two children, Tomás and Samuel.

Eventbrite - WomenLeadNYC 2016