Verrazano Bridge Cashless Tolls & the Upper-Level HOV lane began on July 8, 2017

Verrazano Bridge Cashless Tolling/Carpool Discount Update:

 The Carpool Plan for SI Residents registered under the current SIR plan will continue in the Cashless Tolling environment as of July 8th. They will use a switchable-mode HOV tag which is basically an E-ZPass tag, and there is a mailing in the process to these customers.

SIR Carpoolers are free to take any lane from Upper or Lower Levels, and there is vehicle occupancy detection technology to verify SIR validity and 3+ passenger headcount, currently done in Cash toll lanes by employees.

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Verrazano Bridge Cashless Tolls & the Upper-Level HOV lane will begin on July 8, 2017
Staten Island resident & carpool discounts are anticipated to be administered via EZ-Pass.

In order to avoid receiving Toll Bills or violation notices, E-ZPass customers should ensure that the E-ZPass account is funded, that the tag is always mounted in the vehicle, and that the license plates are updated on the E-ZPass account. The MTA also advises motorists to be sure that their address is updated with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If customers need tag mounting strips or if they need to update their vehicles and license plates on their E-ZPass account, they can access their account through the E-ZPass New York website or by calling the E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center at 1-800-333-8655.