Your Summer Workout Will Make you Fit


Your Summer Workout Will Make you Fit. The summer is the perfect time to head out and sign up for a gym.  This summer, I signed up to work out at Planet Fitness. I chose Planet Fitness on Staten Island because it offered free membership to students from May 16 – August 31, and it’s for 14-19-year-olds. When I started Planet Fitness I didn’t know many things to do. I had walked into Planet Fitness, signed in, and saw a lot of machines but didn’t know which to start with. I decided to work on my upper body.   I worked on triceps and biceps. If you’re wondering where they are located, the triceps is located in the dorsal compartment of the arm and the biceps muscle is located at the front of your upper arm.

There are so many things you can do in Staten Island and some of the things that you can do is visit a gym there are many gyms in Staten Island

If you’re wondering what workouts are the best to build muscle I found first starting with the triceps was best for me. You can do bench dips, dumbbells, triceps extensions, push-ups, reverse grip bench presses, reverse grip triceps pushdowns, and skull crushers.

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They are very good workouts for the triceps and maybe spend about 10-20 min each you will feel the pain and soreness of your arms and that’s when you know you’re doing it right.

Now some bicep workouts are alternating dumbbell curls, hammer curls, supinated bent rows, and chin-ups. For the back, there is one arm dumbbell row, a dumbbell pullover, and an upright row. Some ab workouts are planks, extended leg pulses, and alternating knee to chest. And legs there is leg press and lateral lunge and of course treadmills and walking. So those were some workouts I have done and some you could do! And if you are very unfamiliar with machines and confused about what to do, Planet Fitness has free fitness trainers and an app for you to find your perfect workouts.

   Some other things you can do now in the summer are visit your pool or even go to one and maybe learn some different swim moves. When I first started swimming I had trouble learning to swim and with practice I did it. Some swim moves can help you with your practice in swimming like a butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke. These swim moves are the best to learn when practicing swimming in pools and even at the beach. Some pools you can visit which are public pools can be Faber Pool, Tottenville Pool, Lyons pool, and many more you can find and hopefully, you will get better at swimming by practicing the moves listed.